Olive Branch Family YMCA


Bokken Wooden Katana

12-Week Course

The bokken is a wooden katana used for safe sword training. Bokken teaches balance, coordination, fundamental self-defense, and discipline. This 12 week course includes student learning basic weapon-handling, strikes, blocks, and disarming. Students will also learn tournament-level pattern, Bokken no kata. Prior martial arts experience recommended. $25 weapon price not included. Must be purchased prior to program beginning by instructor or approved by instructor.

Time:  Thursday’s 7:15 – 8:00 p.m.
Date: January 11th – March 29th
Room: Personal Training Studio
Ages: 7 and up
Cost:  $100 Members   $120 Non-members

Contact: Jeff Crook, Instructor at 4kmartialarts@gmail.com


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