Phase 3 Renovations to Begin May 14th

The renovations to make your Y a better place have begun! For a total of 3 days, we will not have access to the PT Studio nor Y Cycle classes - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (5/14, 5/15, & 5/16). Cycle classes will resume Friday, May 17th. 

Thank you for your patience as we improve your Y. 

Section Three

Start Date: Tuesday 5/14

  1. Our main entrance will be OPEN where EVERYTHING can be accessed but the following areas:
    1. PT Studio
    2. Y Cycle Studio - NO CLASSES 5/14 - 5/16
    3. Main entrance to Men's locker room (pool deck entrance is accessible)
    4. Family changing rooms - see #5 below

  2. The door by the Basketball Gym will NOT be an entrance nor exit anymore.

  3. Access to Child Watch will be through the main entrance.

  4. Our coffee area will return to it's original location just outside the Aerobics Room. Vending machines are still not available.

  5. Please use the changing stalls on the pool deck or the bathrooms in the gym as an alternative to the family changing rooms.