Couch to 5k

Date: March 30, 2019
Location: (Get Directions)
Ric Nuber YMCA
5885 Quince Road
Memphis, TN 38119

Contact: Jewell Simpson
Phone: 901-682-8025

This nine-week program can transform you into a runner that complete 30 minutes of exercise or a 5k road race (3.1 miles).  Join Margaret Williams, marathoner and Y member, for enables you to transform your sedentary lifestyle into an active one where you can run for 30 minutes or 5 kilometers (3.1 miles). The plan helps encourage new runners and challenges them to stay active.  The benefits of running include burning more calories than other forms of exercise, helps reduce blood sugar.  Running can also give your mental health a boost!


Register for this program starting on Saturday, March 30.   


For more information, contact Jewell Simpson, Wellness Coordinator.