Together 20 Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

When a member helps us to create a healthier community by referring a member, both the member and the friends and family they bring to the Y will receive up to a 20% reduction off the standard rate of membership.

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What are the benefits of referring a new member?

By referring a new member, current YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South members can give a friend or loved one the chance to receive 20% off their monthly membership fees as long as they both remain members of the YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South. If current members have a qualifying membership type (see below), then they could also receive 20% off their membership fees as long as they have a Together 20 referral with an active membership.

What membership types qualify for a reduced Together 20 membership rate?

The Together 20 reduced membership rate can only be applied to a currently offered full YMCA facility membership type that pays the YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South directly through an automatic bank or credit card draft. The discount is not available for corporate memberships subsidized by employers or paid for via payroll deduction, insurance-based memberships (such as SilverSneakers Fitness Program or AARP Be Well) or another third party that pays your Y membership dues on your behalf.  Youth membership are not eligible for Together 20 at this time.

What happens if my friend cancels their membership?

You will have 30 days to recruit a new friend to remain in the Together 20 Referral Program and maintain your 20% reduced rate. If you are not able to confirm a new referral within 30 days your rate will revert back to your original monthly rate.

What if my friend’s membership goes on hold?

If one member goes on hold, both members will remain in the Together 20 Referral Program for up to three months. If the member on hold has to cancel after the three months, the other member will need to recruit a new friend to continue to receive the 20% monthly discount.

Can I combine the Together 20 rate reduction with other subsidies I have?

As a YMCA member, you are entitled to receive the best single rate option currently available to you. Different rate reductions cannot be combined.  See a Welcome Center Staff Member at your Y to help you find the best rate.

Does my friend or family member have to be with me to join?

No. New members just need to bring in the referral email they receive from their friend or family member when they join in order to receive the 20% savings off of their first billing cycle.

Do the referral and member have to be at the same branch?

No. Your friends can join at any branch within the YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South. Visit for a list of our branch locations

How many friends or family members can I refer?

Members can refer as many people as they would like. In fact, it is to your benefit to refer more than one friend or family member so, in the event one of your referrals decides to leave the Y, you have another referral attached to your membership, which ensures your membership savings stay in place. However, the maximum savings you will receive is 20%.

I am joining the Y as a new member in the Member Referral Program. Do I have to pay a joining fee?

Yes. You will still be required to pay the full joining fee at the time you join the Y, or split over the first three months through automatic draft. The 20% membership savings may only be applied to the standard monthly membership dues.

When will my 20% monthly rate go into effect?

The referring member’s 20% monthly rate will take effect on the next month’s drafting cycle after your friend joins and has completed all membership requirements. The new member will receive the 20% monthly rate with their first month’s draft.

If I currently have a membership that offers more of a reduction to me than the Together 20 Referral Program, can I still invite a friend to receive the 20% monthly reduced rate?

Yes. You can keep your current membership rate and your friend will receive the 20% monthly rate reduction.

Can members with insurance-based memberships refer friends to be a part of the Together 20 Referral Program?

Yes, insurance-based membership members may refer a friend who pays by a monthly bank or credit card draft, and the new member can receive the 20% monthly reduction; however the referring insurance-based membership member will not receive the 20% monthly reduction.

Can all of my family refer friends?

Everyone over the age of 18 is encouraged to refer friends to the Y.  However, the Together 20 Referral Program allows one price reduction for each membership unit.

What if a staff member refers a new member?

Staff referrals are not eligible for the Together 20 Referral Program

If I no longer qualify for a current discount, and I have a friend that is a current member of the Y, can they recruit me as their referral?

Current members cannot recruit other current members to be referrals. You will need to refer someone who is not a member in order to be eligible for the Together 20 Referral Program.

What if my referral used to be a Y member?

If the new member is a former member of the Y, he or she must have cancelled their membership a minimum of 60 days ago.

If I am upgrading my membership by adding household members will that count as a referral?

New membership must be full membership types.  Adding members onto a current membership is not eligible for this promotion

When can a new member take advantage of referring a friend?

Once you have activated a membership at the YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South on a monthly draft you are free to refer a friend at any time.

What if I have an annual or semi-annual membership?

To benefit under the Together 20 referral program a membership has to be on a monthly draft.  If the new member joins with a monthly draft they may begin receiving the 20% reduction immediately. The referring member can convert to monthly draft at the end of their term and begin receiving the 20% benefit at that time.

Will the Member Referral rate ever increase?

Yes. Future rate increases will be applied to the Member Referral rate.  The 20% will always to applied to the current full pay membership rate.

Before the campaign began, I referred multiple families to join the Y. Can I receive a rate reduction based on their memberships?

No. The Together 20 Referral rate reduction is only available to current members referring new members as of November 1, 2017.

What if my friend qualifies for and chooses an alternative rate (Open Doors, Corporate, etc), am I still qualified for the Together 20 reduction?

Yes, you would still receive the Together 20 reduction if you refer a friend who joins under a different subsidy as long as their membership remains active.

I’m having trouble with the application process. Who can I contact for help?

Our Association Support Center is available weekdays, 8:00 a.m.-5 p.m. to assist you. Please contact them by calling 901.766.7677.

How do I refer a friend?

Fill Out the Referral form located on the Together 20 page. Fill in your information (name, phone number, email on file, card number or member number) and your friend’s name, email, and phone number. We will send your friend an email letting them know you have referred them. Once they have joined we will notify you by email as well.

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