“Y-CAP is the single most effective program I have seen for righting the path of wayward youth. My experience as a DeSoto County attorney has shown me the long term benefit to the county that Y-CAP offers. Y-CAP is able to intervene in the lives of young people and provide an opportunity for that young person to become a productive citizen. By proper guidance through Y-CAP, juvenile offenders and at-risk youth are able to contribute to the community, rather than drain its law enforcement and other resources. Y-CAP is proven successful in helping youth by involving the entire family. The benefits of a successful graduate are far reaching and an asset to the community that is immeasurable.”—William P. Myers, Attorney, Myers Graves, PLLC

A holistic approach is used to teach positive values and behaviors. In most cases, youth are first professionally referred to the Y-CAP program from juvenile court systems, school systems and other professional agencies. They are then engaged in activities that promote positive self-worth, goal-setting, improved behaviors, satisfactory academic performance and community service. The program also includes special components for parents/guardians and family members.Y-CAP has received accolades from school administrators, juvenile court judges and community leaders. The program currently operates in Memphis, Tenn. Y-CAP is supported in part by the United Way of the Mid-South.


  • Is a faith-based program that works with at-risk youth (10 – 16 years old) and includes the entire family
  • Is a holistic program that emphasizes specific values such as caring, honesty, respect and responsibility
  • Is recognized by local school and court personnel as being a highly effective prevention and intervention program
  • Currently serves the Mid-South area (since 1998)

Y-CAP is making a difference!

Of the youth enrolled in Y-CAP:

  • 75% have demonstrated improved behavior choices.
  • 86% have demonstrated improved school attendance.
  • 68% have demonstrated improved conduct in school.
  • 62% have demonstrated an improvement in academic performance.
  • 70% have demonstrated improved use of our core values (honesty, caring, respect and responsibility).

Data collected from Y-CAP program sites in Memphis, TN – Source: Y-CAP Effectiveness Statistics Report

Facts about the Y-CAP program

  • 77% of families that Y-CAP provides services to are “low income”*
  • 48% of youth enrolled in Y-CAP live in a single parent household
  • 34% of Y-CAP youth have repeated at least one grade in school before enrollment in Y-CAP
  • 62% of youth enrolled in Y-CAP demonstrated an improvement in academic performance
  • 68% of youth enrolled in Y-CAP demonstrated improved conduct (classroom behavior) in school
  • 86% of youth enrolled in Y-CAP demonstrated improved school attendance
  • 70% of youth enrolled in Y-CAP demonstrated improved use of “Core Values” (Honesty, Caring, Respect and Responsibility)
  • 75% of youth enrolled in Y-CAP demonstrated improved behavior choices (Y-CAP participation, Y-CAP attendance, Y-CAP behavior)

*”Low Income” levels are based on children qualifying for free or reduced lunch according to the US Department of Agriculture guidelines. Data collected from Y-CAP program sites in Memphis, TN


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