Youth In Government™

Creating the next generation of informed, active citizens

The YMCA Youth In Government™ program is a civic engagement and leadership development program for high school and middle school students across the state. The Tennessee YIG program is the second largest in the country with more than 4,700 participants. The mission of the Youth In Government™ program is to help create the next generation of informed, active citizens. We do this through a series of programs and conferences and experiential education opportunities, including Model United Nations, Youth Legislature and Conference on National Affairs.

Youth In Government™ programs develop and promote:

  • Personal growth and life-long responsible citizenship
  • An understanding of local, state, national and international concerns
  • Research, study and debate on public issues under the rules of parliamentary procedure
  • Exploration of careers in public service
  • An understanding of political systems and the forum provided for the free exchange of ideas and the value of an open mind
  • Appreciation for the diversity of viewpoints and respect for the ideas, beliefs and positions of others

See if your school participates in this exciting and enriching program. For participation, volunteer opportunities or sponsorship, please contact Kelley Clack, Youth In Government™ Director, at 901.359.3547.

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The Youth In Government™ program needs attorneys or judges to help with lawyer and justice components of program. Volunteers meet with YIG lawyer teams to give them presentation tips and assist them with their case. If you’re willing to share your expertise in support of this, please contact Kelley Clack, Youth In Government Director, at 901.359.3547.


We are thrilled to share the exciting happenings going on in our Model United Nations (MUN) and Youth in Government (YIG and formerly called Youth Legislature by our older alumni) programs.

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Kelley Clack – Youth In Government Director
Phone: (901) 359-3547